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As a wholesale fabric supplier, all of our fabrics can be purchased in wholesale quantities should you require a larger volume. We stock a wide range of 100% natural undyed wholesale cottons, wholesale linen and wholesale canvas and calico fabrics from just £2.95 per metre. We have been sourcing and supplying cotton fabrics to businesses for over 120 years, since we began as an independent family fabric shop in Soho in 1900, and we provide wholesale fabrics to the fashion trade, clothing manufacturers, bridal wear manufacturers and theatre and film industries. We work closely with our long-standing partners to offer top quality cotton fabrics at affordable prices whilst ensuring that stock levels can always meet demand when you require wholesale fabrics. We pride ourselves on offering extremely competitive prices and fast delivery with an excellent service - and we have decades of experience advising on the most suitable fabric (whatever the size of your project).

Lower Costs, Better Margins

Wholesale refers to businesses that require larger quantities of fabric, and orders are typically from 50+ metres. With a larger volume order, the price per metre is reduced, reducing your overall production cost and increasing your profit margin. If you know you will require a large quantity of fabric, it is most cost-effective to source and order in a bulk through a fabric wholesaler rather than a fabric shop, as this will allow you significant savings per metre. 

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The majority of our fabrics are untreated and this means it will arrive in its natural undyed "loom-state" (cream or white), allowing you to treat, modify and dye as you require. You can browse our full range of fabrics online here, and order wholesale fabric with an account by telephone and email. If you are ordering a higher volume of fabric, we would definitely advise you to order a sample first to make sure you have chosen the perfect fabric for your project before committing to a large order. At Wolfin Textiles we offer up to ten free samples of our fabrics which you can request by simply completing the form here.

If you would like any more information or would like to order wholesale cotton fabric,  please get in touch by telephone 020 8427 7429 or by emailing cotton@wolfintextiles.co.uk.

y additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

6. MS1 LightweightCotton-130.jpg

Lightweight Cotton

Lightweight White Cotton 155cm wide from £2.85 per metre.

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29. 12OzCottonDuck-043.jpg


Natural Medium Weight Calico from £2.95 per metre.

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35. V1004NaturalLinen-027.jpg

Natural Linen

Natural Linen 150cm wide from

£18.95 per metre.

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43. WhiteCottonDrill-107.jpg

Medium Cotton

White Medium Cotton 150cm wide from £3.25 per metre.


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